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Wooden fence overlooking a field

Fencing services

If you're looking for expert fencing in Alcester, contact OH Agricultural Contracting

Metal fence and a field in the sunshine

Keeping your land secure

Whether you need additional privacy or practical fencing to keep livestock and crops secure, OH Agricultural Contracting and Alcester are here to expertly install your fencing, making sure it can withstand the elements and stand the test of time.

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Fence in the snow on a country road

Suiting your requirements

We understand that your land needs to function for you, so we can make sure that your fencing does the same. We can suit the layout and materials to make sure it is suitable for your land and what you use it for.

Wooden fence in the countryside

A convenient service

We understand how agricultural work can take up time and needs careful planning. Whilst fitting your new fencing, we take extra care to not get in the way of your day to day work.

Hedge in a field

Keeping your land secure

We understand the importance of making sure your fencing is robust and suitable for any agricultural requirements, and can withstand daily life. While practicality is crucial, we can make sure that the fencing on your land looks great as well. We take great pride in the standard of our work, as we know the pride that you take in your land.

Expert fencing services

For specialist agricultural fencing, get in touch with OH Agricultural Contracting in Alcester to get a quote for high-quality fencing on your land!

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