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Agricultural maintenance from OH Agricultural Contracting

We can help with paddock and field maintenance and more in Alcester

Paddock with cows

Your helping hand

If you've ever felt there just aren't enough hours in the day to do the jobs you need to, OH Agricultural Contracting is here to help with a variety of agricultural services. With knowledgeable and efficient service, we'll keep things running smoothly, leaving you to focus on other work.

Agricultural services: Welcome
Horse in a paddock

Paddock and field maintenance

We're here to help keep your paddocks and fields well-maintained to make sure both you and your horses are happy. The needs of your fields and paddocks vary from season to season, so we'll be on hand to make sure that the land and your animals are thriving throughout the year.


Rolling and harrowing

Harrowing and rolling can level out any unevenness, remove dead grass and help your grass to grow more evenly in the future, both helping with efficiency and preventing any insects from hatching.

Hay Barrels


Our haymaking service can be a great way of making sure that you have plenty of hay to sustain livestock and horses. Using your land to make hay can even improve the quality of your grass and fields.

Agricultural services: Contact

Paddock and field maintenance for your peace of mind

Know you're giving both your land and the animals you keep on it the best possible care with OH Agricultural Contracting in Alcester. 

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